when space-pours-stardust-into-your-eyes-3-4

"When space pours star dust in your eyes III"

This artwork is available for purchase — original painting created by the artist Trendafila Trendafilova. It comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, indicating that you have purchased an original work. In addition, is hand-signed, numbered, titled and dated on the back side. Please feel free to contact me at trend.trendafilova@gmail.com if you need any further information (prices, shipping, payments).
This item comes with
43-39-2 cm/ 16.9-15.4-0.8 in/ Acrylic on canvas

Price: $540.00

when space-pours-stardust-into-your-eyes-3
when space-pours-stardust-into-your-eyes-3-5when space-pours-stardust-into-your-eyes-3-3
when space-pours-stardust-into-your-eyes-3-1

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